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Strong Sisters

League of Women Voters of Arapahoe and Douglas County Strong Sisters

Meet filmmakers Laura Hoeppner and Meg Froelich and learn about the women's soon-to-be-released documentary Strong Sisters: Elected Women in Colorado, a story of political women in Colorado. They are compiling oral histories from past and current women who are elected officials.

Colorado leads the nation in the percentage of elected women - 40% in Colorado's State Legislature. How this was achieved is a fascinating story that spans the history of our state.

In 1893 Colorado gave women the right to vote, the first time in history that the women's suffrage was granted through a popular vote. The very next year voters sent three women to the State House of Representatives. Since then, over 240 women have served in the Colorado General Assembly.

Monday, November 17, 2014
6:30 p.m. - 8:45 p.m
Arapahoe Library District Administrative Building
Meeting Room
12855 E. Adams Aircraft Cir.
Englewood, CO 80112

Visit the Strong Sisters website here.